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The Story
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My name is Bethan Moore, also known as BeMore Translation, I’m an Italian to English translator with 3 years professional experience in the fashion industry. Some of the most well-known and successful brands in Italian fashion have used my expertise to translate everything from product books to press releases. To get a quote for your project, go to my contact page.

What I Offer

  • Experience of the Fashion Industry
  • First-hand business experience
  • A tailor-made service – what are your needs?

For further details, please download the English  or Italian versions of my CV.

The Beginning.

In 2006 I left Bristol University, with a joint honours degree in Italian and French, during which I spent six months studying translation at the Università degli Studi of Turin. With my future ahead of me, I struck out into the world with my language skills, beginning my professional career at an international market research company.

The Middle

Over three years ago, I fulfilled a dream and started work at the London offices of a famous Italian fashion brand. As a bilingual secretary and the only English mother tongue in the company who was also fluent in Italian, I spent an increasing amount of time proofreading English documents, and checking my colleagues’ PowerPoint presentations or written reports. I soon developed a relationship with the marketing and PR departments based in Italy, who needed their press releases and promotional materials translated for a global audience.

The End (Another Beginning)

At about this time, I realised that I wanted translation to be the main focus of my career in fashion. I also wanted to translate at the highest level, so in my spare time I began the City of London University IoLET preparation course. Eventually I took the plunge, setting myself up as a freelance translator and BeMore Translation was born.